Meet Barbara

Barbara Fairchild’s vibrant personality, her love for humor and storytelling along with her extraordinary talent for singing country and gospel music make her one of the finest entertainers you will ever see.  The power of her beautiful voice to affect the listeners came front and center when her #1 hit, “THE TEDDY BEAR SONG,” hit the airways in the winter of 1972.  She has a sincere warmth that flows out of her to everyone she meets, whether on the street or as a member of the audience in one of her shows.


Barbara performs with her very talented husband, Roy Morris.  They are really in love, and it shows.  In the tradition of other husband and wife teams that brought laughter to millions, Barbara and Roy have a natural flare for comedy that is delightful to experience. Roy produces and performs in the  'Statler Bros. Revisited'  show in Branson throughout the season and travels with Barbara on the weekend road dates.


For 25 years Barbara’s Sunday Morning Worship Service that began in 1992 has been a source of inspiration to the thousands of Branson visitors who attended each year.  They have discontinued the weekly service at this present time and are now more flexible to travel and take concert dates and churches that they haven’t  been able to do because of the Branson schedule.  They still hold their special Veteran’s Service during Veteran’s Homecoming Week in November.  Barbara and Roy believe we owe more to our Veterans than we could ever repay and take every opportunity to let our Nation’s Heroes know how important they are.  Barbara and Roy’s faith is their foundation and the most important aspect of their lives.


Barbara is recognized as one of the finest female entertainers in Country Music.  She was one of Ralph Emery’s  favorite Guests during the years he hosted the top-rated “Nashville Now” show on the TNN television network.  Ralph even trusted her to be a guest host for him at times in his absence.  Through that show Barbara Fairchild became a household name to thousands of viewers.

Barbara’s talent has not diminished through the years and you can often see her these days on the RFD TV-Network along with many of her peers on the popular “Country Family Reunion” and “The Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting” shows that are hosted by Larry Black and Bill Anderson.


Her many television appearances through the years include, “The Tonight Show,” “Hee Haw,” “The CMA Music Awards,” and the three part Special, “A Country Homecoming,” hosted by Ralph Emery.  She has made several appearances on CBN (The 700 Club) and TBN as well as two Tribute Specials to the Legendary Dottie Rambo.  She was honored to host her own TV Special, “Barbara Fairchild In England” on the BBC Network, just to name a few!

She was inducted into the Arkansas Entertainer’s Hall of Fame and in October of 2012 and a star was placed in the Arkansas Walk Way of Fame in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  These honors mean a great deal to Barbara because she is very proud of her home state.


Barbara’s Discography:  Albums& CD’s

2017  Love Set To Music ( Duet CD with Roy )

( Roy’s Solo Gospel CD’s : ‘Look To Him’ and ‘The Secret Place’ )

2015  From My Heart

2013  It Has Always Been The Soldier (Patriotic)

2012  Where The Moss Grows Over The Stone

2007  The Greatest Christmas Gift (with Roy Morris)

2006  He Kept On Loving Me

2003  Love Never Fails (with Connie Smith and Sharon White)

2002Wings Of A Dove

2001  Forever Friend

1999  Rocky Top

1999  Then & Now

1998  All Is Forgiven (with Roy Morris)

1998  Classic Country

1995  Stories

1995  Hymns That Last Forever – Heirloom

 (With Tanya Goodman Sykes and Candy Hemphill Christmas)

1993  The Son In My Eyes

1992  Comedy Classic/Live Barbara Fairchild

1991  The Light

1991  Uncommon Love – Heirloom


(With Tanya Goodman Sykes and Candy Hemphill Christmas)

 1990  Christmas In The Country - Heirloom

(With Tanya Goodman Sykes and Candy Hemphill Christmas)

1990  Apples Of Gold-Heirloom

(With Tanya Goodman Sykes and Candy Hemphill Christmas)

1982  The Biggest Hurt

1980  It Takes Two (with Billy Walker)

1980  He Touched Me

1979  This Is Me

1978  Greatest Hits

1977  Free And Easy

1976  Mississippi

1975  Barbara Fairchild

1974  Love Is A Gentle Thing

1974  Standing In Your Line

1973  Kid Stuff

1972  The Teddy Bear Song (Originally titled  A Sweeter Love)

1971   Loves’ Old Song

1970  Someone Special